From shocking FA Cup results to labour party selfies, Darragh Mowlds gives us his top stories for this week.
The world is a dark and scary place from time to time and sometimes you need a release.  Here are some of this week’s more light-hearted stories for your reading pleasure.  
Out of this world
The manufacturer’s of a new case for the iPhone 6 has dropped an iPhone from space to prove its strength.  How practical this test was isn’t clear.  It’s unlikely that astronauts will have their phones in their pockets.  The temptation to make a Samsung Galaxy pun here is enormous, but I digress.  This feat is very impressive but I just want a phone that can fall from over a foot in height and not smash to pieces.  Space is one thing, but can it survive a drop from my kitchen table?
Want to hear a political joke?
Running joke Sarah Palin has hinted that she is considering running for the Republican nomination for President of the United States.  What her policies are remain unclear because just days after hinting, her teleprompter broke during a speech.  Ms Palin didn't let that stop her, she continued on regardless making no coherent sense (many may argue that this is no different than the rest of her career).
The former governor of Alaska has since said that she is “seriously interested” in running for the job.  In the same way that I am seriously interested in being an astronaut, but at least I realise that I am completely unqualified and really don’t understand how difficult and complicated the job is.  Sarah Palin running for the White House is a bit like a dog chasing after a car, what exactly are they going to do if they get it?  I’d sooner have the aforementioned dog in the oval office.
Down with the kids
The Scottish Labour Party is gearing up to this year’s general election by joining Snapchat.  Deputy-leader Kezia Dugdale has sent a selfie out to all her adoring fans (she must have some) much to the delight of people who realise how insane this is.  It’s very important to connect to young voters; maybe addressing some serious issues faced by Scottish youth might be more important?  If you are deciding whom to vote for based on a selfie, you should have your voting card taken away.  
And the winner isn't
In what was one of the most anticipated gigs of the year, seemingly impossible to hate Ed Sheeran played to a 400-strong crowd in Whelan’s in Dublin.  While there wasn't a single complaint from any in attendance, with the singer-songwriter being effortlessly charming from start to finish, it has been revealed that not everyone was happy.  
Reports have emerged that 100 ‘ticket winners’ were left out in the cold after the venue ran out of space.  Concert organisers explained that the free show was overbooked with the assumption that some people would be no-shows.  Alas this wasn't the case and the organisers were left with many angry fans to deal with. 
Not so special now huh?  
Those of us who thought the FA Cup was out-dated, and a non-event in the footballing calendar were hit with a timely reminder of the joys of cup football this weekend.  Premier League bit hitters Chelsea, Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspurs were all unceremoniously dumped out of the competition by lower league sides.
Manchester United and Liverpool will face replays after embarrassing draws against allegedly much weaker and certainly lower paid opposition.  Quote of the weekend goes to the Special One himself, “We must feel ashamed, me and the players must feel ashamed,” couldn't have said it better myself José.   
Hard to believe it’s only Monday right?  Happy thoughts people and here’s to a distinctly mediocre week. 
Photo: Eva Rinaldi/ Flickr