Though you may not be at the office, one-upping those family members you don’t like is the true meaning of Christmas isn’t it? Here are some not so important stories you need to know this festive week:
Rory has another trophy on the shelf
A week on from losing to the grown up go-kart driver in the British Sports Personality of the Year, the Irish people have recognised who the true sports star of this year was.  R Mac, as those of us who have never met him know him, won the coveted RTÉ Sport: Person of the Year (which really needs a more snazzy title). offers our hearty congratulation to Rory on a stunning year of golf.  
The Interview Lives On
Sony has backtracked on the plans to delete the movie The Interview from all existence and have said it will be released.  Executives have said that they don’t know how this release will be handled yet.  In what has been a how to guide of how to sell your film, Sony have ensured that this film, despite looking a little crap, will make a ludicrous amount of money and reach a wider audience that it ever would have previously.  

In North Korea, where they don’t have spoilt brats they couldn’t foresee that if you tell someone you cant have something, they will only want it more, unlucky lads. 
Wedding Bells
The place to be for the A-list set in the UK last weekend was the wedding of Elton John and David Furnish.  Don’t fret though, if your bank balance wasn’t large enough to be invited, the singer kindly updated the world by live posting the entire event on Instagram under the hashtag #ShareTheLove.  Seems like everyone had a great time, other than their kids who looked positively bored by the whole occasion. 
Not so much a white Christmas as a grey one
Unless weather patterns change, and listen its Ireland they could easily do so, there will not be a white Christmas.  Kids across the land will be disappointed, but no one more so then Irish dads who now definitely wont have an excuse for not going to mass on Christmas morning.  
Flying the flag
Burnley FC was applauded for fielding the first all British starting 11 the Premier League has seen since Blackpool did it in 2011.  Why such an act is supported by any group other than UKIP I don’t know.  You need only look at their position in the league table to tell you something clear, British people, are not very good at football.
While there are much more important things happening in the world, they all bring down the festive spirit and who wants that?  Happy Christmas everyone.

Photo: GolfDiggs/ Flickr