As you buy your mandatory festival ticket for this summer, prepare yourself to experience a few of these typical festival goers.
The out and out alcoholic
A common sight at events such as Electric Picnic. Can often be seen carrying multiple crates of beer and is always up for a session. The music simply accompanies the drink for this festival go-er and as a result, they rarely venture out of the campsite.
The 15 year-old wannabe hipster girl
We all know them. Flower headband, a kimono and shorts stuck to their legs. This type of girl is here for one thing and one thing only: to let others know she was here. A Facebook status, a photo album dedicated to the event and multiple Instagram posts will confirm this. Is often seen looking to get on the shoulders of young lads during a concert to get that ultimate crowd selfie.
The cultured artist (also known as the tortured artist)
The original hipster. Seen moping around the lesser-known sites, disregarding anything that seems too mainstream. Will ultimately express their views about music and what they believe music to be, even without you asking. Body and Soul provides a refuge for this creative bunch.
The stoners
For lack of a better word, the stoners are instantly recognisable at any outdoor event. Smelling like burnt grass and Lynx, this lot are purely here for the excuse to use a prohibited substance. Can be heard saying: “Awh man, my head is fried” up to 50 times a day.
The girl that only knows one song
This one speaks for itself. She pays €180 for a ticket to acts she has never heard of, apart from the headliners of course. An arch-enemy of the cultured artist.
The parents
Ah yes, how could we forget the parents? Young parents seem to make a dash for the Electric Picnic every year, hanging around the face painting and smaller settings and steering well away from the campsites. Will have rucksacks filled with crisps and sandwiches ready to go 24/7. 
Photo: Fred Rockwood/ Flickr