What’s happening out there in the non-internet world?

Here’s some sh*t you should know this rainy weekend.

Busted Bieber

Justin Bieber was released on bail yesterday after he was arrested on a drink driving charge. The 19-year-old was caught drag racing in a rented yellow Lamborghini. He initially resisted arrest, swore at police officers and later confessed to driving under the influence of alcohol, pot and prescription drugs. Maybe it IS time for him to retire?

Ghost ship full of rats heading for Ireland

That’s right, a ghost ship full of rats is heading for Ireland. CANNIBAL rats to be specific. The cruise ship Lyubov Orlova has been adrift in the Atlantic for over a year. The 300ft vessel has been driven thousands of miles towards west Ireland by recent storms. There is nothing on board but packs of diseased rodents who are forced to eat one another ot survive. Good luck with that, Galway.

RTÉ scrap pensioners' Guide

RTÉ will save €100,000 when they stop mailing free RTÉ Guides to retired staff. About 1,250 people were receiving the Guide every week. Now where will those people read exclusive interviews with Mary Morrissey, Miriam O’Callaghan, Derek Mooney, Joe Duffy and Pat Shortt EVERY SINGLE WEEK?

Ireland’s largest lingerie section

And finally, Green Party (remember them?) councillor Brian Meaney from Ennis, Co Clare has called for Ireland’s largest lingerie section to be made an official tourist landmark. The famous scene in the Father Ted Christmas special was filmed in Dunnes Stores in Ennis. “Father Ted has a cult following at this stage,” he said. “There were various locations that were used for the filming of Father Ted, there are ‘Ted tours’ that visit them…This is something that’s unique to Ennis.” Councillor Meaney has written to Dunnes Stores but has yet to hear back from them.