The unpredictable Irish weather, a staple of everyday Irish life. Here Aoibheann Diver explains why she forever yearns for a hot summer.
If you have lived in Ireland all your life, you are probably used to our unpredictable and unreliable climate. 
One minute you’re walking on a sunny, frosty morning and the next minute you’re ducking for cover from hailstones. 
You would think the Irish people would have accepted that this is how Irish weather is and there is nothing we can do about it. But it is still the main point of discussion in our daily lives.
Even though we usually just complain about the rain, there are so many reasons to despise the Irish weather.
The lack of hot weather is just depressing. We know that Ireland’s location does not allow us to have beach days all year round, yet we still cling on to the hope that this summer will be different. 
This will be the summer that reminds us of that hot week we had when we were children…And then it gets to October and you realise that it wasn’t meant to be.
When it snows, it doesn’t even snow properly! I’m not a big fan of snow, but if we had a bit of real, fluffy snow for a few days, that’d be fine and dandy. 
This in-between weather is what is so frustrating. A slush-man doesn’t quite have the same effect as a snowman.
The cold would bite the nose off you. In Ireland, there are really only two seasons: the two-thirds of the year when you have to wear a coat, scarf, hat, gloves, boots and earmuffs, and the other four months when you can leave the house in a just a rain jacket. 
Warm is not something we know the meaning of, unless you’re referring to sitting in front of the fire on a cold day in April.
The rain is the bane of our lives. If rain is forecast in other countries, you can just carry an umbrella with you and all will be well. 
In Ireland, you can’t really do this because your umbrella will get blown away and you will be left soaked and sad. 
As the old saying goes: when it rains, it pours. Whoever said this must have been Irish. And to anyone who thinks they can wear fake tan in Ireland, good luck to you!
The wind would blow you to Timbuktu. This one is especially aimed at my fellow coastal residents. The Wild Atlantic Way must have been named because of the wild gusts of wind. 
Don’t bother doing your hair before you leave your house, you’re going to end up looking like Frankenstein’s Bride either way. 
With all of this combined, it is impossible to plan anything in Ireland. We have so many great tourist attractions, but if we had better, more dependable weather, Ireland would be the ideal holiday location.
Alas, we must play with the cards we have been dealt and just brave the storms.