NUI Galway has not surprisingly announced that they will introduce a new module for the 2015/2016 academic year following multiple complaints and numerous reports of students collapsing from the odours of their fellow classmates, reports Steve Timothy.
It was long known that certain individuals have forever haunted the nasal cavities of those within close proximity, however college officials were slow to act.
It all came to a head last summer during a seasonably warm spell, in which over thirty-two students fainted from the smell of dirt mixed with generous doses of cheap Lynx. 
"It was seriously hell," stated third year Arts student with absolutely no future Sarah McAllister. "Can these people simply not use a washing machine or what? I cannot believe they can't smell it themselves to be honest, I blame the system and Russell Brand," she added.
It is not the first time an Irish university has chosen a radical path to eliminate disgusting behaviour.
Only two semesters ago GMIT Castlebar launched the 'how not to be a farmer' module and UCD enacted their 'how to speak normally' module in order to relieve the symptoms of the dreaded Dublin accent. 
It remains to be seen whether these modules will have any bearing given the complete failure of the 'stop voting Fine Gael' course initiated in 2012.