As students we face many conflicts of interest: sleeping vs. attending lectures, watching Tipping Point vs. attending lectures, and going shopping vs. attending lectures, to name but a few. Another of these daily dilemmas is that of being completely broke, but also culinarily-challenged. The obstacles present themselves as a nightly predicament forcing us to choose between dipping into next month’s allowance for that deliciously oily Chinese, or resorting to a bowl of dry Weetabix and a waffle. Lucky for you, the following list of highly nutritious, easy peasy student recipes will solve this problem with the flick of a kettle switch.

Pasta and Pesto

You will never get sick of this gem. There’s nothing like a good chew on a slightly oily, slightly dry tube of penne. What’s more? You can stir the sauce into the pasta on the plate! That’s right folks, you don’t even need to wash a pot for this culinary treasure. Red or green – change it up as you please. It all depends on how patriotic you’re feeling that day. The variety will blow your mind.

Pasta and Dolmio Stir-Pot

This €1.50 pot of gold dust will spoil you. Granted this is a slightly more advanced recipe involving the heating of the sauce in advance of stirring, it’s something to strive for. Tomato and basil, carbonara, sundried tomato – you couldn’t make this stuff up. Bursting with all the nutrition a ready-made sauce could muster, after a few doses of this stuff you’ll have your vegetable intake down for the year. Spice it up with fun pasta shapes like shells or bows, or for the real thrill-seekers, fusilli.

Pasta Bake

Prepare to have your mind blown. Pick up a jar of Aldi’s pasta bake sauce, lash the pasta, sauce and some water into a pyrex dish, bang it in the oven and head off for 40 minutes as the oven does what ovens do. To really give it a health kick, smother it in cheese halfway through. The pure saucy goodness enhanced by the calcium-packed cheese will leave your body crying out for more of this superfood. The best thing about this delight is its longevity. Good for about three dinners. If that’s not culinary perfection stop reading now.

Pasta and Butter

We’re taking it way back to 1999 here folks, when forks were plastic and bibs solved all of our problems. Do you think you’d have been force fed this bowl of heaven as a growing kiddo if it wasn’t extremely healthy and nutritious? Absolutely not. Another one that can really be spiced up with some fun pasta shapes, you’ll feel like you’re eating one of Mammy’s specials. The melting butter creates a succulent yellow grease over the pasta - so good you could almost drink it. The slippery-slideyness makes it all the more fun as you try to catch each piece under your fork.

Not all heroes wear capes, and not all chefs wear hats either.