As you make your way home for some warm meals and clean clothes, the range of personalities that you meet on the train are interesting to say the least...
After a hard weeks work of partying, socialising and interrupting lectures, mixed with a minute amount of actual study, the hard working student will actually have to make their way home.
Amongst the plethora of personalities we may meet, the commuting traveller covers the whole spectrum of human personalities.  
We have all been there, multiple bags of filthy laundry, zero disposable cash and in a bad state of malnutrition, and then we grab our ticket and board the train only to be shockingly confronted by one of these five train passengers. 
Annoying Phone Girl
We’ve all been there, sitting in deep contemplation of the various mysteries of the universe and the astounding nature and complexities of human consciousness when ‘oh ya and his ass is so cute’ interrupts your meditations. Yes, it is a girl on her phone, shouting, screaming, crying and laughing. I have sometimes pondered the reasons for her inane ramblings. The vacuous vocal cord usage and her aural shattering tone - we should all spare a thought for this poor, poor girl.
The Sleeper
This is the one that always gets you thinking. Did they have a mental weekend? Exams? Late getting up? These are the people that have absolutely no in-built shame in resting their tired little head upon your shoulder and even going as far as caressing your arm as their dream may dictate.Most of this can be forgiven, except the snoring, that is a crime on an international scale. 
The Confused Tourist
Entering the train with more bags than a full team expedition to Everest, staring at the ceiling and being astounded by every tiny, intricate bit of their surroundings whilst simultaneously asking everyone ‘Is this the train to Sleeego?’ They are usually dressed in the finest pastel colours of cream, faded pink and light lemon, while decked out with a white pair of ‘sneakers’ and a baseball cap ridiculously fitted. Don’t forget them going out of their way to pronounce every single place name wrong and asking whether you know ‘KathleeenKeehoe’. All the while you can’t help but think that these are the well-travelled ones, imagine the ones left at home! 
The Smelly One
The less said about this type the better! 
The Cute One
We have all spent large quantities of time trying to grab the attention of the gorgeous looking person over there in the other seat, only for them to actually look and your world collapses around you as your bluff has been called. Your mouth becomes dry and your heart rate increases as you think about the possibilities of an encounter that you know deep down will never happen. 
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