People had to learn the new skill of talking to each other once again as social media platform Facebook went down this morning.
Families across the country were stunned when they went online to check on their mundane fake existence this morning, only to be left horrified when it began to dawn on them that human interaction may be required.
"I checked me page this morning," stated 34 year old dad of two Mark Walsh. "The thing was down and I felt the panic almost immediately, but I attempted to stay calm and bullshit my way out of it," he added. 
"I formulated a plan that I would remain staring at my phone so it would look like I was on Facebook, but then the wife copped it too and we had no other option but to use our vocal tracts to bellow out noises with our mouths and tongues."
Many families experienced what can only be described as horror as the person they have not interacted with on a human level in ten years began to speak.
Mark’s wife Pauline relived her shock: "Mark was talking some awful shite. I barely knew who he was. I was just nodding my head and wishing I could share that awesome picture of that cat."
A helpline has been set up for those unlucky enough to be forced to talk with their family or boring spouses this morning.
The 'Can’t Cope With Reality' helpline can be reached on 1860 999 666.