Laura shares some of the things that drive UCC students mad.

1. Don’t step on the crest!

Yes, because standing on the college crest will get you pregnant. Lads should watch out as well – apparently you’re not immune to this rule either. Look at it this way: you’ll be on the front cover of some “real life” paper, alongside the woman whose son married her second cousin.

2. Don’t cross the quad

Cutting through the quad on your way to the Boole late on a Friday morning will definitely define your college career, it’s a proven fact.

3. The fishbowl

We understand you’re a total martyr; you stayed in the study room until 3am. Just don’t forget to mention that you spent about five of those six hours on Netflix and Facebook, when bragging.

4. Ronan O’Gara and Graham Norton

Everyone knows these famous Paddies have Art’s degrees, we don’t need to hear it at every motivational speech, it’s okay.

5. The Mardyke

Free gym membership for all UCC students is a fantastic benefit, obviously. It just gets a tad annoying when Facebook becomes riddled with “off to the gym” statuses every single night.

6. Umail Moderator

No, I am not a man aged 35-50, and I do not have IBS, please, for the love of sanity, stop asking me.

7. Blackboard

Some lecturers will put every single word on Blackboard; others won’t figure out how to put the words on the actual power point slides. You’re going to put a baby blue font on a medium blue background? Really?

8.The Boole

Want to text a friend during a boring lecture? Maybe have a peek at Facebook on your phone? Not a chance. The underground lecture halls will make phone reception a thing of the past.

9. Dog walkers

Yes, UCC has a beautiful campus that we all admire and adore, but is it really the ideal spot for your kids/dog/romantic walk? I think not.