Ailbhe Daly has a plan for your 50 minute lectures.

Fifty minutes is a lot of time to achieve a lot of things. While you should probably pay a little bit of attention to whatever is being taught, there are a number of different things that you can do to make lectures that bit more tolerable.

  1. Remember Minesweeper? Yeah, you could get SUPER good at it if you work at it. What do the numbers mean? Why am I so happy when I don’t get obliterated after my first five random clicks? You should learn how to play it. See also: Windows Pinball.

  2. An episode of Gilmore Girls last 40 minutes, a lecture lasts 50. You can watch some of the goings on in Stars Hollow AND pay attention for ten minutes, split whatever way you see fit. Netflix is truly a blessing.

  3. Count how many people you see wearing the same outfit. Green parkas and skinny Adidas bottoms are worth bonus points.

  4. Up your Snapchat game by using a geotag and a caption such as “ugh, college *sleeping emoji*”. You’ll be new and revolutionary and everyone will think you’re 12% cooler.

  5. Start making a list of Christmas presents and where you’re going to get them. Plan around being able to eat well and remember that there is now a Five Guys in Dundrum.

  6. De-clutter your desktop and make yourself look like a productive human who has their life together. This is also something you should do, so you don’t even really need to feel guilty about it. Ish.

  7. Count how many seats there is in the lecture hall. Counting tiles on walls/ceilings is also a pretty fun pastime.

  8. Begin designing an award winning board game. Bonus points if you bring your finest colouring pencils and geometry set.

  9. Or you could pay attention and make the most of your third level education. But it’s fine, you could just stay in college forever.