Trinners student Aisling Curtis tells us all about what drives her mad about her university.

1. End of year exams

We laugh at UCD at Christmas, while we scoff mince pies and they binge on books. But come summertime, when we have multiple exams plus essays due, we know who’s laughing then. Hint: it’s not us.

2. Schols

Damned if you do it, damned if you don’t. Either you’re giving up months of your free time for some optional exams with an unlikely reward, or you’re not, and feeling guilty that you didn’t have the guts to try. Regardless of which side of the fence you’re on, you’re not exactly chuffed.

3. The Library

Yes, we have a very good library. Yes, there are lots of books there. But would it kill them to throw a few water fountains within several miles’ walk? The mildly terrifying people who man the entryways aren’t exactly a barrel of laughs either.

4. The Students’ Union

There are, of course, the SU itself and their fans who adore the whole institution. But to the vast majority of Trinity, these students are “eager hacks”, the SU’s ventures met with mild apathy and sometimes extreme mocking.

5. Trinity’s failure to understand technology

Late exam timetables, delayed results, and the complete inability of most staff members to answer an email within three days - all of these sum to the simple fact that Trinity is still living in the days of Oscar Wilde. Most arts courses will still have a lecturer using projector slides and refusing to approach Blackboard.

6. The Hamilton-Arts divide

We joke about it a lot, and personally my knowledge of the other end of campus is embarrassingly vague. But I think we’d all like a little more inter-course mixing, and a little less segregation once you cross the pitches’ no-man’s-land.

7. Being in town

Don’t get me wrong, a city-centre campus is incredible - right beside pubs, clubs, and a wide variety of weird and wonderful Dubs. But all this choice is precisely the problem - when it comes to eating out or going for coffee, there’s so many places that you really can’t say no. For your social life, this is a fantastic plus. For your wallet, well, plus is definitely not the state it’ll be in.

8. The tourists

Our hatred is not secret or silent; nobody likes the tourists, staff and students alike. Basic probability would suggest that there are many random Americans with angry-looking Trinity students in the backgrounds of their artsy Campanile shots. Hopefully they like seeing us in their pictures, because we certainly don’t like seeing them around.

9. Trinners is for winners

This mocking chorus is like our theme tune: other students mutter it every time the topic of our college is raised. We despise this little label, would never actually say it ourselves, and cringe everytime someone else does. Of course, there’s always the one Trinner who truly thinks attendance here makes them a winner, but they tend to be already losing in many ways.

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