We all have them.

The time has come, and you can barely sleep. You've thought about this moment for weeks, and now that it's here, you're not sure if you even want it to come.

Leaving Cert Results day. The day that will define your life - or so you think. While it will take some time, and some hindsight, to realise how insignificant the LC is, on the day it's the most important thing in the world. Getting that piece of paper and seeing those illustrous letters. 

Whether you get your results online, or open them in your school yard, every LC student goes through these thoughts:

1. What have I done?

You begin to question the study you did over the last two years, and whether it was enough. You can't remember learning any of the French language and regret your subject choices. It's too late now, though...

2. I don't want to leave my car

 Maybe if I hide in here forever, I won't have to open my results and I can live in blissful ignorance. 

3. There's no way I passed

No way in hell.

4. Everyone has defintiely done way better than me

It may not be exactly true, and there's also no way to tell. But more importantly, it doesn't matter.

5. Maybe it won't be too bad

As you start to walk into your school, you realise that you can get through this

6. It's going to be that bad

And then you see the queue of nervous and anxious students and your heart rate increases once more. 

7. Can someone else open it for me?

You can barely hold the envelope you're shaking that much. 

8. I've forgotten how to count

Someone hand me a Points Calculator NOW.

9. Wow

So you didn't do as well as you thought in English, but you definitely didn't expect that in Chemistry.

10. I have to get ready

The results are now done and dusted, it's time for the night out.  The most important part of the Leaving Cert.