Blathin explores the top 20 signs that you are a typical Irish student.

While we may have some friendly rivalry about which college is superior – country vs city, big vs small, ITs vs universities – there are some universal truths of being an Irish student we can all fondly agree on. So here are 20 facts you may recognise if you were or are an Irish college student.

1. You schedule your classes and day around sleep habits and soap operas especially Home and Away.

2. Meals stop having different names and just become different times of the day when you eat chicken fillet rolls or Koka noodles.

3. The above means that a meal at the homeplace is now sacred.

4. You have travelled with a bag of dirty clothes because your washing machine doesn’t work and you’re not spending beer money going to a launderette.

5. You have gone on a J1 and at least 90% of your stories in the following years involved “this one time in San Diego, New York, San Fran etc.”

6. The societies you joined during Freshers week directly related to the amount free stuff on offer. Of the 15 you joined, you have attended a meeting for one.

7. This also applied to your student bank account of choice, although the free goods on offer seem to have gotten stingier than the Celtic Tiger days where a free phone wasn’t unheard of.

8. You went to a traffic light ball.

9. And a county colours night, for many buying/borrowing a jersey for the occasion was the extent of their dedication to their local club.

10. You now spend your Saturday nights staying in simply because you're knackered/broke from partying during the week.

11. Wikipedia is your best friend and nothing your lecturer says is going to change this.  You have copied and pasted key parts from it for your assignments at least once.

12. You don’t know how you’d get through assignment week or exam time without coffee and Red Bull.

13. You have more beer than food in your fridge.

14. It takes a lot of mental and physical preparation to even think about tackling the bins... oh and about three people.

15. You have at least one traffic cone/construction sign/trolley/item “borrowed from Eddie Rockets” somewhere in your house.

16. Penny’s is a life saver, doesn’t matter that your clothes mightn’t last that long when you can go shopping every week!

17. Finding random people in your house is perfectly normal, and you don’t bat an eyelid at the random stranger passed out in your hall.

18. You have found yourself on campus accommodation that isn’t yours at least one Rag Week arguing with security that you do indeed live here despite the fact you have no keys, and can name only one of the occupants.

19. Assignment time usually coincides with your house becoming really clean and you becoming extremely productive in every area except college.

20. You have frequently tested the limits of human capability — for example, how long a person can survive on a diet of coffee and noodles or how many days you can go without sleep.

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