Our satirical editor suggests a couple of article ideas for the lads over at College Times!

What did we do before College Times? Where did we learn 10 things about sex, five of which were mind-numbingly obvious, two of which were untrue and three of which were offensive? How did we while life away in savagely inaccurate bullet points?

No other website offers us such spectacular banalities in such a sharable format! No other website presents us with such mindless fodder in such an accessible and addictive way!

Below are some of our favourite examples of mental degeneration by numbers:

11 Ways to be a lad without people labelling you one.

17 Best ways to bully emotionally unstable 18-year-olds into having sex with you.

7 Best places in DCU to have a full-on loud wank which people can hear but won’t be able to see but from where you’ll be able to see lots of girls walking around, going about their daily business.

18 Most public places in Trinity to sit and fake laugh where everyone will see and hear you.

9 Best places to stand in UL.

14 Best ways to promote dated and damaging social narratives via social media.

57 Places in NUIG where no-one will hear you scream.

34 Things only sex offenders will know (including the 6 best defences against aggravated sexual assault).

8 Things about DIT written by someone evidently not from DIT as all are wholly incorrect.

13 Things people from DCU won’t know about UCD because they go to DCU and not UCD.

A single thing worth talking about.

12 Things about stuff that you already knew.

6 Things so f**king obvious that all your friends can’t help but agree with at least one of them and will therefore share your dumb f**king post, making your insides glow.

546 Best nothings about nothing.

The 10 best pfpfjkldnblkjn... fuck off.