Katie Wheeler gives us her guide on the type of people we all meet in college. We all know these types...

The mature student
These can be separated into two groups. One group is known as the mid-life crisis group. They can be found wearing Nike Airs, tracksuits and are the only people in the smoking area, not smoking Amber Leaf. The other type of mature students have the bants with lecturers over ‘the good old days,’ always sit up the front in lectures and are the only ones who contribute as everyone else is too intimidated. These mature students have an opinion on everything and will keep you there for hours, asking inane questions of the lecturers. 

The culchie
Simply, that lad from whatever godforsaken bog hole who comes to college wearing the same county colours jersey for a week straight. He also frequently has a roll in his hand and tells everyone loudly that he is, “off the drink for the championship.” Often obnoxious, often smelly.

The smart one
This person has a golden week every single week. Their natural habitat is the library and they are the go to person for information on absolutely everything you might have missed in lectures. They are calculating how good their grades have to be to get a 1.1 average from fresher’s week.
The drop out
This person has dropped out from many a college course, and has infinite knowledge on college life in general compared to the lowly first years they have to sit with. They threaten to drop out a lot or say, “I can’t drop out of this, it’s my last chance.”
The person who never shows up
There is always that one person that shows up about four times a year, yet always seems to have the work done. They sulk into lectures while people stare at them with only one question on their minds... Do you even go here?
The philosopher
Everything is a conspiracy theory, they don’t believe in working for the man and have protests against GM crops, rote learning and the government coming out their ears. Once they start on a rant, there is no going back. 
The alcoholic 
They go out five nights a week, drink naggins in the back of lectures, and the smell of alcohol off them could disinfect a toilet. You honestly don’t know how they pass college. They are often total LADS. 
The forever repeater 
This person is 24 and is repeating second year for the third time. They will never grow up and will stay in college possibly until they are almost thirty, as they are simply having too much of a good time to do a little thing like PASS EXAMS. They often lie about their age as they miss the youthful fun of underage drinking. They will still be claiming they are 21 well into their late twenties. 
The average Joe 
Doesn’t really know how he managed to get into college and is just trying to put the head down, do the work and somehow come out with an Arts degree. To be honest, you don’t even know how they got into college either. 
The weird society member 
Always seen juggling, fire eating or travelling around campus on a  unicycle. You know the type.