The Social Democrats party yesterday came out to support the Teacher’s Union of Ireland’s one-day strike with a demonstration alongside Students Against Fees at Trinity College Front Square.
The Social Democrats in their election manifesto outlined how they would reduce the Student Contribution Charge from €3,000 down to €2,000 through a progressive increase in public investment over the course of the next government.
The march was attended by Glenna Lynch Social Democrar candidate for Dublin Bay South.
Speaking on the demonstration, the Dublin Bay South candidate Glenna Lynch stated:
"Any society serious about the long term has to push back against the defunding of 3rd level education. It has to be fought for time and time again. The strong economic argument for well-funded research at third level is undeniable. If we want to talk about world-class innovation we must fund our universities.”
“The Social Democrats are committed to improving access and affordability. Equality of opportunity must be real,” she added. 
“We are a party born in 2015, relevant to our time, our policy on education is a clear commitment to making the best future possible open to every student in this country,” Ms. Lynch concluded.