With one day to go, has the US Presidential Election become more of a reality show than a political event?
So the debates are finally over and now the most important decision of 2016 is about to be made.
Over the last number of months, the world has heard much scandal and tales to last a lifetime. But the big question is, who will be the next leader of the United States of America?
Will it be under the Trump regime which intends to “Make America Great Again” or Clinton where she intends to be “Stronger Together”?
There has been much allegations made against both parties in this election campaign. Are we losing our belief in the leaders of our countries? Are they becoming more of reality TV stars than political leaders? That is concerning. Throughout this campaign people have been shocked, disgusted, entertained and given our daily dose of humour, much like an episode of a reality television show.
The debates might as well have taken place in a school playground. There were a lot of important questions left unanswered and the two campaigner's biggest focus was who could shout the loudest.
So let’s break this down; in the red corner we have Mr. Donald Trump, an egotistical leader who wants to make America better. One could ask, "How is a wall built around Mexico going to make America better?", but he believes it will.
Immigrants are a big issue in America, or so he says. Has he forgotten that the USA is a melting pot of all different nationalities? But maybe he’s right, maybe America should be Americanised. As his followers say “he speaks for the people; when he wins, we all win.”
In the Blue corner, we have Mrs. Hillary Clinton, a former first lady of the USA, who says America is “Stronger Together". Clinton believes that the USA should open its arms to immigrants, embrace it and push for their citizenship.  Mrs Clinton is not all perfect either, she is accused of sending top secret emails insecurely. “We have got to defeat Donald Trump, and we have got to elect Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine", said former presidential candidate Bernie Saunders.
It’s a clear case of one extreme to the next. There’s no middle base between to the two candidates, which has led to the extreme divergence in right versus left.
There is no doubt that people will tuning in to their local news station on November the 8th for the next episode.