The rise of social media has given us a scary phenomenon – never before have so many people with so little to say said so much.

The thralls of Tweeters, Twitterers or Twats (as they are more commonly known) baffle me. Combine that with Facebook and you have a perfect storm of annoyance.

Twitter as a concept is actually quite clever.  It gives a forum for the discourse of ideas amongst the ruling class and the rest of us. Unfortunately most of the time Tweeting about who Taylor Swift dumped this week or amusing videos of cats.  It’s like being given an incredible piece of artwork and hanging it in the basement – it seems like such a waste.

Idiot’s Forum

My main problem with Twitter is that it feeds into the idea that everyone’s opinion is important. Before the dawn of the internet, crazy people were forced to shout to the heavens from street corners or at the Fianna Fáil Ard Fheis, but now these people are given a forum.  They can amass thousands of followers and all of a sudden a crazy person’s ideas have multiplied exponentially. 

Yes of course you can argue that you don’t have to use these social networks, but then you face the consequence of being a social pariah.  More importantly, even if you do avoid all social media, Twitter has gone mainstream so you can’t get through a news programme or news article without the opinion of a random Tweeter attached to it.  I’m sure the person connected to the Tweet is lovely, but their opinion isn’t news.  This trend is potentially damaging to accurate news reporting.  Just ask Seán Gallagher about the dangers of allowing random tweets into the public sphere.       

Hope Ur Ok Hun

I digress, all social media gives a voice to self-publicising narcissists.  You know the type, the “selfie” users (up close photo of oneself), the people who put up photos of them with perfectly groomed hair, dolled up to the nines and their best clothes.  Attached to the photo is the comment “I’m so ugly”.  If you actually thought that you wouldn’t put it on the internet.  These are the same people who put up the “please give me sympathy statues”, you know what I mean.  There’s an old saying that goes “free speech includes the right to not speak”, something which these “Bebo Stunnahs” need to take note of.

Celebrities and sports stars have never been known for their intelligence but never before have so many been involved in court cases for defamation or general stupidity on social networks.  Not only celebrities, but Twitter and Facebook allow people to insult strangers from the comfort of their own home.  These keyboard warriors, who think their cowardly actions, can go without reprimand.  Cue boxer Curtis Davis, so sick of the abuse he was facing on Twitter, he tracked down the home of his abuser and waited outside for him.  This led to an appearance on British TV in which he received an apology.  Clearly it had all gotten a bit real world for the faceless attacker.  Nothing brings about a sincere apology than an angry boxer standing in your garden right?

Quiet meal

My final point, and most annoying part of the whole social media world is the posting of pictures of your dinner online.  You remember a time you know; a year ago where you could eat your dinner and that was it?  No likes, comments or shares, it was just dinner.  Not anymore, you can now see what all your friends had to eat a mere five minutes ago, or if you’re lucky, before they even eat it, how goddamn fascinating.    

So before you Tweet, please consider us poor souls who have to listen to you.  #YOLO, #sadtimes #JustinBeiber, etc.