Here are some handy tips to keep high stress levels at bay

As a college student the chances are high that you will encounter some decidedly stressful situations. These may make or break you, depending on how you handle them.

A little stress is healthy; it keeps you on your toes and ensures you remain on top of things. However, there are times when the tension will grow to near unbearable levels. When this occurs, it is essential that you have an outlet to relieve this anxiety. If you allow it to build, there’s a strong chance you might burn out; or have a nervous breakdown.

Relieving stress is surprisingly easy. All you need is an outlet to channel the built up tension into; a conduit you can vent all your problems on.

 One of the simplest methods of stress relief I have found is music. When stress threatens to overwhelm you, there is nothing as wonderful as pounding out a beat on a set of drums, or jamming to your favourite songs on the guitar. The anxiety just flows out of you as you create the music.

If you are not musically inclined, you could attempt to relieve your stress through the medium of sports. Running around chasing a ball, sprinting down a running track, gliding through water, or whatever it may be; sport provides a brilliant distraction from any problem you may be dealing with.

The accompanying rush of adrenaline will make you forget everything that was troubling you minutes before. Sport is an excellent outlet for relieving high stress levels.

If sport is not your forte, you might find it helpful to dabble in the field of creativity. Many people find it incredibly helpful to attempt to portray the thing that is causing them worry through the medium of writing, or art.  Simply getting it out there, in the form of words or visual art brings an instant sense of relief.

There are many other methods people chose to vent their problems and rid themselves of stress; so many, I cannot fit them all in one article. To reiterate the main point of this article; it is vital that you do not let stress get the better of you. Invoke your muses and figure out which outlet works best for you.