When you walk out of your final lecture, it suddenly dawns on you. Unless you’ve got a J1 booked, or you spend the summer immersing yourself in the French language, you’re going to spend your entire summer break with two of the most annoying roommates a p

For those who commuted to college each morning, this is no problem. Mamma and Pappa have been around all the time and there was no way to escape them. But for people who moved out for the college year, there is now the task of re-acquainting yourself with the idea of having the folks downstairs.

It might not be as bad as you’re making it out in your head though. Beyond the hiccups and moments where you plan their demise, living with Mammy and Daddy could be – dare I say it – alright?

Food, glorious food

Gone are the nights when dinner consists of beans on toast, or maybe pasta if you’re lucky. Being at home means gourmet meals each and every night. Pasta is now paired with mince, or chicken, things which were counted as luxuries during the college term. Dinner is hot, filling, and won’t make you crash and burn after half an hour.

Conflicting schedules

Most parents engage in an activity called ‘work’. This means they leave the house early in the morning, come home in the afternoon, and you’re left in the house alone until then. If you don’t have a job yourself, there’s only one option: laze around the house playing video games and watching crappy daytime TV. It’s important to remember that the folks need to get their beauty sleep early in order to be time for work. If you’re still going to be awake at 1am, make as little noise as possible.


Back in college, strolling out the door at 9am and not seeing the house again until midnight was almost the norm. As there was no-one to answer to, it was a regular occurrence to fall in the door at four in the morning after a night on the tiles. At home, it’s not as easy to do this. Like a prisoner out on bail, you need to tell your parents where you’re going, who with, and when you’re going to be back. This is especially relevant if you can’t drive and you need to avail of their taxi service. It’s also advisable to let them know if you’re having friends over.

Cabin fever

Within a few weeks the reality will hit and it’ll seem almost like you never left home. The dinner will be on the table for you, bed made in the morning and your every whim catered to. Where has the independence you worked toward in college gone? Get some activity for the summer months, and if you can find a job take on as many hours as possible. If you know you’re going to snap, take a walk to clear your thoughts. Tea also makes everything better.

Living at home again could be a curse, or the best thing that could happen to you. It all depends on how you make it.