From Ted Talks to moving away, Roisin Traynor explains the main things that have inspired her to do more recently.
If these people and things can inspire you like they did for me, then I am grateful to pass it on.
Pat Divilly on Ted Talks
Pat Divilly is a fitness instructor from Galway who I had not heard of until I seen a post online the other day. 
Seeing a fellow Irish person on Ted Talks inspired me. I’ve watched speeches and lectures from this website for years and I want to give a Ted Talk! I’ve no idea what about yet, but I know I want to do it.
Pat Divilly’s emotional openness and care about helping others and the ability to finally admit defeat and depression inspired me. The emotion in his voice and being on the verge of tears shows his struggle. 
This may not be a big deal to some, but this flashback to a tough phase of his life where he realised he had mental health issues was a crucial moment for him.  
He discusses instilling belief in others and how others believing in him gave him the push in life we all sometimes need. He eventually asked for help, which I think is the most important part.
People are too proud, too shy, too self-conscious or too afraid to do it. He mentions that the conversation he had with a personal trainer from Cardiff kicked everything off for him. 
Personally, I think it kicked off from the moment he decided to admit the need for help. It’s not a shameful thing to need help, we can all help people one way or the other, ask for it and give it.
Someone instilled belief in me yesterday to start a blog, I’ve always wanted to but my grammar, spelling and general English level is low (Thank God for spell check). However, because of that extra push someone gave me yesterday, I’ve done it.
This is my first article. Every conversational can change a life. You're in a position to help people, don’t wait.
Sophie Amorso #GirlBoss
At the age of 22, Sophie Amoruse  was broke and directionless. She is now CEO of a $250-million plus fashion retail company NastyGal, and has written this for other girls like her seeking a path to succeed in life, even when that path looks negative.
Right now I am a person who loves her job. Being a guidance counsellor is extremely rewarding. I love what I do and I love helping people discover themselves, motivating and empowering them to be who they want to be and do what they want to do. 
However, sometimes things don’t always end up as perfect as you would like them to. I love my job, but I dislike certain issues I’m facing right now. This book is teaching me that sometimes to get to where you want to be, you have to “tolerate sh*t you don’t like”.
In my job right now I keep reminding myself that if I don’t give 100% who will really know? Slacking can be too similar to some of us. 
I knew I needed a boost of motivation so I bought #GirlBoss by coincidence. One of my favorite quotes so far is:
“Who cares if a tree falls in a forest and no one hears it?…. The tree still falls.”
For me, this quote is really noteworthy. If I don’t give 100% no one else will truly know. But I know my ability and I know I can always do better. 
Work hard for you. Work hard because you have the ability to do it and achieve it. Be the best version of yourself and put everything into your goals.
Read #GirlBoss if you have a goal and you are determined to achieve it. It will help you,”know your weakness and play to your strengths”.
So in August 2015, I moved from Ireland to Kuwait. I didn’t even know where Kuwait was until I got the job.
Before I went I knew I wanted to travel, but still there was this little thing in my head holding me back. Maybe I was afraid of stepping out of my comfort zone. 
I had a nice life in Ireland after all. My close friend and recruiter mentioned this career guidance position in Kuwait. 
The moment she told me about it, I thought to myself, “I haven’t a breeze where Kuwait is”. Of course I didn’t say this to her, I had to Google it to find out.
Looking back, I think of how oblivious I was to some aspects of the world. I had this assumption in my head that this country was a certain way, even though I hadn’t been there before. 
The media and people who hadn’t even been there either had a painted a picture in my head. I had doubts about my safety and yet I was keen to go.
June 26th, due to travel to Kuwait in a few weeks, headlines read, “ISIS bomb mosque in Kuwait", but the seed had been planted, I was going.
Now I’m here and I feel safer than I have felt walking around some streets in Dublin. My perspective of this large region of the world has totally changed.
 I’m understanding the true Muslim culture, not the one the media created. I feel safe, adventurous and out of my comfort zone. Regions like this can really open your eyes. It’s taught me many things, like not to judge a book by its cover.
Go explore. Challenge yourself, see places and meet people from different cultures. Go to a place that’s completely different to the one you’re in now.
Other people doing well
Writing an article like this is a challenge for me. I want people to be motivated by others trying to do well. 
Make sure to have the “if they can do it, I can do it” approach. Whatever efforts that person is putting into their career, put it into yours. 
Don’t put a negative spin on somebody trying. Look at other people’s success as a motivation for your success.
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