Snog, Marry, Avoid is the very entertaining TV show in which POD (the Personal Overhaul Device) slates someones fashion sense before giving them a ‘make-under,’ in a bid to unveil their natural beauty.

A bit rich coming from a talking lens! The show has visited some places which are infamous for their distinctive styles and trends, like Essex, Newcastle and Cardiff. It’s all bye-bye ‘scouse brow’, hello beauty know-how!

What would POD think of the Irish populations sense of style? Lets face it, we seem to have slight difficulty in adapting celebrity-inspired trends with ‘everyone has it’ Penney’s accessories and (as much as it pains me to say it) WAY too much Sally Hansen. Lads- Sally Hansen is the smelly brown muck that ends up all over your new shirt when you go out with your girlfriend.

There are many girls and guys in Irish society who always manage to look fashionable and fabulous, but when we get it wrong, we get it really wrong.

The Top 7 Irish Fashion Fails of 2012:

1)     Leggings: No, they are not trousers, and should not be worn as such. Yes, they are often see-through, so if you plan on breaking the first rule, at least wear underwear that match them. Patterned leggings: Just no.

2)     Bad Extensions: I’ll make it simple; extensions should be the same colour as your natural hair, and roughly as thick as your natural hair. A bob with a few mullet-like strings hanging down your back is NOT a good look.

3)     DIY Ombre/Balayage: The biggest trend of the summer seems to be here to stay. But here’s the problem: Balayage is supposed to look like your hair has been gently bleached out by the sun. It should not look like it’s been dipped into a bucket of Domestos.

4)     Be Tan-Tastic, NOT Tangerine: Sally Hansen, good. St. Moriz (thank you Penneys), good. But for the love of all that’s holy, please stop buying the ‘dark’ versions when your natural skin is milk-bottle white, it looks as fake as Jodie Marsh’s... well...everything.

5)     Converse with dresses: Are you Kristen Stewart? No? Then STOP.

6)     The bird’s nest: Possibly one of the most baffling ‘fashion’ trends ever. For those of you that have managed to avoid exposure to this cat-fur catastrophe, it’s very messy mound of hair on the top of the head, with all the underneath hair falling out haphazardly at the back. Apparently, the aim of the game is the more ‘dragged through a bush’ looking, the better. Except it’s not.

7)     Pink Blusher: Cute as a button when applied properly, and blended in. But on perma-tanned skin and combined with over-the-top eye make-up and red lips, it;s more Rocky Horror than rock chick. Just saying.

There are no plans as yet for Snog, Marry, Avoid to visit Irish towns and cities, but just to be on the safe side,  I reckon we should start embracing our Irish milkiness, freckles and all, and avoid the Rhianna-like get-ups on nights out. You never know who’s going to show up and disgrace you in the name of (questionably) good TV.