Here are seven easy ways to become a more experienced individual before you go back to college.

One month left of summer and what have you done? Well not a lot if you’re like me. Don't panic – help is at hand if you fancy reinvent yourself just in time for college.

Read Bridget Jones’s Diary

This book is chick lit at its best. Bridget Jones screams disaster and guarantees to make your life seem so much easier. Plus she has some valuable lessons on how to find your Mister Darcy…after royally screwing it up many times

Choose a new hobby

Not a boring one like running or chess, I'm talking judo, drama, staring a barber shop quartet group – something that sets you apart from the majority of Irish teens that have feck all to do over the summer. And in September you can tell everyone of how you achieve a black belt in the space of one month.

Read a newspaper/watch the news

You may have got away with it all summer, but you’re in third level education – so get an opinion that doesn't start with “Well my Mammy said...” Contrary to popular belief, watching the news will not make you die of boredom, and if you’re worried about missing The Simpsons, there is always RTÉ plus 1.

Become the next Donal Whatshisface

As food is needed in order to survive, why not become a pro at it? If your man can get on RTÉ with his granny’s recipes then I'm sure anyone can cook. Buy a simple recipe book and build up your skill – you’re not just going to just wake up being the next Jamie Oliver.

Dye your hair a mad colour altogether

Go on be a mad spoon and reinvent your appearance together. You’re in luck – chalk colours are the next best thing according to RiRi's hairdresser – well at least for the foreseeable future. But don’t (I repeat DON’T) do this if you have just broken up with the Boyf or the GF as it screams cliché.

Grow a moustache

This one is generally more for the boys rather than the girls. Coming back to college with a ‘tashe says: “Yes, I have far more knowledge now that I have facial hair.” Butr approach this Idea with caution: there is a fine line between looking hot and looking like a future paedophile.

Cocktail making classes

Defiantly try this one out. Ditch your usual bottle of Buckfast and return to college with a vast new knowledge of how to make the perfect cocktail (my own personal favourite being the Black Russian). This might not cost as much as you think – there are loads of YouTube tutorials and as well remember you get to sample your own mixture.