The thought of winter can be slightly depressing as we surrender to fewer hours in the day, cold nights and the inevitable onslaught of ice and snow.

Many people get a dose of the ‘Winter Blues’ which can seriously upset their frame of mind and leave them feeling sluggish and unmotivated. But it doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom. A lot of great things come with winter such as cosy nights in, an excuse to dress down to combat the cold, and of course, Christmas.

To help you settle into winter with a smile on your face, has a list of tips that are guaranteed to make your winter season pain-free and most possibly, the best season of the year.

Have some ‘me time’- After a hectic summer of kids, parties and holidays, winter is the ultimate time to sit down in the evenings and give yourself a break. Crank up the telly and pour yourself a cold one. Relish in the peace and quiet that winter time can bring. Don’t be afraid to say no to events that will eat into your designated ‘me time’. Studies show that the happiest of people are those that get at least an hour a day to themselves to sit and just do nothing. However, if you’re one of those people that find it stressful to just sit still, go for a walk, dance to music in your sitting room or do a hobby that you enjoy at least twice a week.

Treat yourself- Everyone can use a little pick me up now and then and the best present you can get is from yourself. Buy something you always felt to guilty to buy, that €300 dress is worth it! Take a mini-break to a destination of your choosing and pamper yourself silly. Even the most simple of things, such as indulging in a large takeaway during the week can leave you feeling great.

Exercise- Even a 10 minute workout in the mornings before work can leave you feeling enthusiastic and energised for the whole day. Exercise increases the serotonin level in your brain and thus causes you to feel happy and content. Run up and down the stairs for 5 minutes, or take a walk, giving up those extra few minutes in bed is definitely worth it!

Go to bed an hour earlier- In winter, it’s highly common for people of all ages to want to sleep more. Weekends are taken up by lying in until the afternoon in an attempt to catch up with any sleep you think you missed out on during the work week. This has an adverse effect on our sleeping patterns and causes us to feel overly tired during the next week. Aim to go to bed an hour earlier every night and get the 7-8 hours you need to be fully rested. Stick to a routine and you’ll find your sluggish days are gone for good.

Winter doesn’t have to be depressing and sad; with the right attitude and by following these simple tips, you can winter one of the best seasons of the year.