Disappointed in the way the film How To Be Single portrayed single girls as relationship obsessed, Holly Kenny gives some advice in how to be single the 'right way'.
I got inspiration to write this piece after watching the movie ‘how to be single’ because I felt like the movie didn’t really teach you very much about how to be single. 
All the lessons in there were encrypted behind moaning over guys and heartfelt moments that don’t happen in real life.
My expectations for this movie was that it was going to be a full blown comedy and a girl version to ‘The Hangover’. Basically I expected really messy, drunk, hilarious moments with friends that happen on a day-to-day basis in college. 
However, the movie just made women look like boy-obsessed beings. Although that may be 55% true (Because I’ll be real, you guys can drive us mad at times), I think there’s a lot more to being single than to spend 95% of your time obsessed about some guy.
So I’ll give you my advice on ‘how to be single’ the right way:
Learn how to be comfortable with yourself 
Easier said than done I know, but I think the most attractive aspect a person can have is confidence. 
I don’t mean breaking open doors and twerking as an entrance to house parties by the way! I just mean that it’s good to be certain of your values and your opinions. It’s important to know where you stand. 
Do some exercise 
This point is not to lose weight, but most people would agree that when they’ve made the effort to go to the gym or go for a walk that they feel a lot better about their bodies. 
Plus, it releases endorphines which keeps that frown upside down. Which leads me to my next point.
Keep your head high and smile 
There’s no better tea than positivi-TEA (okay, I'll stop) but you get my point. Whether you’re still thinking about your ex or are enjoying the single life, there’s nothing better than a wide smile and a lifted head. 
Otherwise all you’ll hear is drunken slurs in the club like: “Why aren’t you smiling?” Well to be honest sir, I want to punch you in the face a little more than I did five seconds ago.
Never over think 
Most single guys do not want a relationship, and at our age, it does make sense. Just because you cuddled the next day does not mean he is in love with you. So don’t think about it and just move on with your life.
Know your priorities 
I thought about this a lot when I saw a picture on my newsfeed of a girl walking up steps with labels on them. The labels as far as I can remember went in the order of education, travel, love and marriage. 
The quote beside was, "It’s easy to skip a step, but it’s much harder to take a step back". I know that, for some lucky people, you can have more than one of these in a step and that’s great. Good for you guys. 
For the rest of us, the quote is pretty true. I think we can all find ourselves getting lost away from studies and more important things because Derek didn’t text you back. 
The picture just really hit home with me I guess and it made me think about whether I had my priorities straight. 
Have fun 
This is one of the most important aspects, become a more yes person when you’re single. Yes, join that yoga class in the morning with Britney. 
Yes, go on that date with that guy. A date isn’t a commitment and it’s really fun to get to know people in an enviornment that isn’t a dancefloor. 
Yes, go on that road trip to the beach. Yes, go out. Yes, give it your all on the dance floor. Yes, dye your hair a new colour. Yes, throw away your number to people like confetti. Yes, yes, yes.
Maintain yourself a little 
It sort of merges with the previous point, but it’s so important to maintain yourself a little. I always feel like a goddess coming out of the hairdressers or when I get my nails done. It’s always good to pamper yourself a little. You are a princess! You’re royalty! It’s time to start treating yourself like one!
You do not need anyone 
Let me be very clear on this. You’ve lived somewhat a good fraction of your life without any romantic relationship. So before you think you absolutely need someone, just remember that you don’t. 
It’s nice to have people in your life, yes, but the only people you really need are your family and friends – those people are for life.