Travel the world – from the comfort of your own home.

Seeing as the heatwave is cooling off for the next while, you can use today’s technology to take the ultimate staycation (or holistay, as it should be called this side of the Atlantic) without even having to get out of bed. You don’t have to book anything, you don’t have to pay anything – you don’t even have to wear anything. This is the kind of trip for the most extreme lazy b****rd.

Google maps

Become a virtual flâneur – wander the cities of the world via street-view on Google Maps. You can visit a hundred different locations and take in all the sites in one afternoon. And be sure to take the virtual London bus tour.

Virtual museum

After checking out the museums from the outside, you can step inside using virtual museum tours. Or you can use Art Project and check out lots of art museums around the world including the New York City Museum of Modern Art and the Smithsonian in Washington DC.

Online classes

Try out some interactive online classes. You can learn origami, languages, belly dancing, violin and more on Powhow. The only thing is you’ll have to pay for the service, so instead, you can browse through the hundreds of thousands of how-to videos on YouTube and learn a new skill over the course of your holistay.

e-Scavenger Hunt

This is how you take part in a scavenger hunt without having to physically move: play WikiPaths. It’s a hyperlink scavenger hunt between seemingly unconnected articles on Wikipedia. The rule is that you have to get from one page to the next only by clicking links and cannot use your keyboard. Here is a demo of the game.


“Television: teacher, mother, secret lover.” So says Homer Simpson. You can check out nature documentaries on the Discovery Channel or National Geographic and pretend you’re in the wild, watching the world's most magnificent species in their natural habitat (okay, this one is a little sad).

Last resort: go outside

Okay, so this can’t exactly be done from the comfort of your bed, but you can check out the sites in your own home town or use the TipAdvisor app as a guide to your nearest city.