The ‘don’t care’ attitude men have to fashion is becoming a thing of the past

The unmistakable Geordie Shore trend appears to be everywhere we look these days – fake tan, big hair and lots of cleavage (for both boys and girls).

Jay Garder from Geordie Shore has his own fake tan (‘man tan’) brand called ‘Jays-Tan’.

“We have male and female products and I’m going to do a lot of unisex stuff as well,” according to Jay. Is it safe to say gender lines have been blurred as a result?

The Geordie Shore craze is definitely an extreme example of how men’s fashion has evolved but have they taken it too far?  

The stereotypical ‘don’t care’ attitude is becoming a thing of the past as men have become increasingly more conscious of how they look.

Although men’s fashion may always tail behind women’s fashion, the last few years have seen an explosion in menswear on the scene ranging from designer to high street.

Jack Wills’ menswear department proved bigger than women’s-wear when they first opened in Dublin, H&M re-introduced their menswear range with the David Beckham Bodywear collection and just this year. Isabel Marant introduced a menswear collection for the fast-fashion retailer.

BT2 have also brought in contemporary brands such as Penguin in order to cater to every style preference.

Earlier this year, the Guardian newspaper reported sales of men’s tailored clothing in Britain jumping 26% in 12 months.

According to analysts at the market research firm, Euromonitor International, in 2011 the United States women’s-wear market grew by just 1.4% against a significantly higher 5.3% in menswear. In order to support the demand, in June 2012, Britain launched a new men’s fashion week – London Collections: MEN.

It can be argued that this could potentially be a result of the media’s obsession with women’s physical appearance since the start of time.

Has the media gone too far in exerting every commercial aspect of women’s body image and appearance? Have media organisations been forced to change their tune or is the metro-sexual man simply a product of the progressive time we live in?

Fashion and beauty products have crept in and there’s no doubt men’s fashion is threatening a take over as men everywhere dress to impress.

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