"I have encountered many scary things in my life, but few things are scarier than the pressure of organising a date."
Getting the balance between something we will both enjoy is a tightrope I don’t like walking.
According to my classmates, taking a girl to the cinema on the first date is a big mistake, because there is no chance to talk. If only someone told me that a year ago when I decided the cinema would be a great first date for my girlfriend and I. Thankfully we are still together so it wasn’t a deal breaker.  
If I’ve just ruined the cinema for you we are not short on options for dates in Dublin; Go Karting, mini-golf, paint-balling, bowling or a trip to the zoo,  local bar or Starbucks are all worthy dates depending on the interests of your significant other. 
I am at the stage where I have used most of my dating ideas and I’m frantically scrambling Google for ideas to keep my near one year record of successful dates going. I think it’s hard after almost a year, then I hear of 50 year wedding anniversaries and dread the next 49 years of planning dates. 
If the sun makes a rare appearance during the summer you should take advantage by taking a walk along a beach or through a park; Walking up Bray Head or through the Phoenix Park breaks the monotony of the typical ‘cinema’ date.
Remember the most important part of a date is the company and if you can show you know about some of your date’s interests that will go a long way.  
Thankfully, I’ve never had any disaster dates and being with my girlfriend for almost a year I don’t foresee a sudden drop in the quality of our dates, but if you do have a disaster date remember they are common, and if nothing else, they will make a great party story in the future. 
There is not one perfect formula for a successful date. I don’t claim to know everything about dating or relationships. In fact, I’m not sure how my own girlfriend puts up with me.

However I do know one thing:girls do not love playing FIFA and watching football and they certainly don’t consider it an acceptable date, trust me I’ve been told.