For anyone who was disappointed receiving their CAO offers this morning, Karl Redmond explains why he decided to repeat his Leaving Certificate.

Disillusioned with academia and equipped with a vast laziness with regards to homework and study, at the age of 17 I had an obsession with my sport, MMA.

Needless to say, this combination led to a fairly poor performance in the Leaving Cert by any standard. Now in DCU with the same unwillingness to work, and having replaced MMA with going out and partying, I have had a strange journey into a course I never realistically thought I would make it into. Not in a million years. It did take a few years however.
Having had no contingency plan after the Leaving Cert, and with the pressure of a classic Irish Mammy that never excelled in an academic field herself, I was convinced to redo the Leaving (with the promise that I could do MMA full-time once I got myself a degree).
To the shock and horror of most of my cohorts, doing the Leaving a second time wasn’t too bad! (I put that down to having put no effort in the first time anyway).
Second time round, I did better. I put more effort in, but just narrowly missed out on the Sports Management degree that I sought. Next stop would be the other route, a PLC. I studied a sports coaching course in my local community school, with the intention of it helping me to get into the Institute of Technology Blanchardstown. 
After a pretty easy-going year I came out of it with eight distinctions out of eleven, however at this stage I was a bit underwhelmed by pursuing sports in college. 
One morning, not knowing that the CAO results were even out, I groggily checked my emails only to see the offers. 
By some strange glitch in the space-time continuum, I was offered my original first offer from a few years previous having never changed my preferences, and it was the unachievable International Relations in DCU. 
My eight distinctions gave me what I needed to get into the university, and I marched on jubilantly to DCU only to encounter a new and maybe for me, insurmountable, challenge: balancing college work with college life! 
Alas here I am, having failed second year. I think at this stage I just enjoy making it difficult for myself, but no better time to do it then when you’re young and stupid.
Photo: Xavi/ Flickr