Everyone has heard of these rare creatures, these apparent humans that wander the streets in their pyjamas. If you’re unlucky, you may have come across one yourself and lived to tell the tale.

Thanks to an RTE documentary, people all over Ireland are sitting up and taking notice of these hoodlums that cause devastating harm to the public by walking in their pyjamas…these people may also be known as…’Pyjama Girls.’

Seriously people, a group of girls wandering around in their pyjamas is not a sign of an upcoming apocalypse, nor is it going to cause such horrific problems that we can no longer leave our houses again…its’ teenage girls in pajamas.

In recent times, the social problem of pyjama girls has come under such scrutiny in the media and in the general public, that we here at Craic Addict, decided that we wanted to see for ourselves, what exactly does it mean to be a Pyjama Girl.

The subject picked to play the part of a teenage girl in pyjamas, was yours truly. I took to the streets of Limerick City in my most ravishing pair of pyjamas and I have to say, I had a whale of a time!

From the minute I stepped outside, I could feel every Tom, Dick, Harry, Mary and Bridie all watching me with disapproving glares, hoping with all hope, that I walk the other way. This, for me, was the major downfall of the day. No matter where I turned, there were always strangers, most of them elderly, that looked at me like I was something on the bottom of their shoe. Really?! Just because I was wearing pyjamas, everyone assumed I was trouble. I mean, I could have been a choir girl or spent the last year rescuing poor orphans in some war-torn part of the world!

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the day was learning how when I was in earshot, people glanced and looked quickly away, but when I had walked a bit further on, the comments started. Basically, I’m a dirty disgrace and I shouldn’t be allowed out. Perhaps, the most funny was an old lady who said a prayer for my poor mother. Little did she know that my mother was perfectly content with me wandering about in my pyjamas. As long as I left my beloved onesie at home, she was quite proud.

I also found that I was what other teenage girls compared themselves to. One girl in the supermarket told her mother she should be worshipping her for not being the idiot in her pyjamas…I thought that one was particularly harsh.

But the comments weren’t just restricted to people I passed on the streets, drivers also were determined to have their say. One particular man, felt it was totally okay, to roar across the street at me, demanding to know why I was in my pyjamas. I could have launched into the whole tale of social stereotyping, but the light turned green so he took off, with the idea that I was just a nutter who was let out for the day.

So, what exactly is society scared of? Everyone’s entitled to wear what the hell they want, inside their home, or out. As a matter of fact, after my day as a pyjama girl…I developed a grudging respect for them. They deal with the same stereotypical nonsense every day, and feel the wrath of elderly people who came very close to gathering their pitchforks and chasing me out of town.

My lesson of the day: LEAVE PYJAMA GIRLS ALONE!!