Danielle imagines what it would be like to spend a day without mobile phones.

Students get stick for being attached to their phones 24/7. The older members of our families and sometimes tongue-in-cheek articles portray us as these co-dependant monsters that need their mobiles just as much as they need oxygen to live.

We get offended, we scoff at their insinuations and we put it down to jealousy over their lack of knowledge of the technical world.

However, here is the awful truth… We DO need our phones.

Here’s how a typical day would go without your phone:

1. You might never wake up in the first place. Most of us use our phones as a nice screaming alarm clock that we can leave under our pillows. God forbid having to buy an actual clock.

2. Checking transport timetables with all of our fancy apps, like Dublin Bus, would have to be done the old-fashioned way, waiting at the bus stop to see when your bus comes. (To be honest, those apps always lie so it’s probably best we revert to the old way anyway.)

3. You checked Facebook as late as possible before you and all of your friends went to bed, but imagine not being able to have a quick scour of your newsfeed to see who did what overnight.

4. That awkward moment when you get into college early and you don’t want to be on your own in case someone sees you. Short of screaming someone’s name in every corridor, how would you find your friends?

5. How on earth would show all of your friends how bored you are in class, or the funny picture of your mate falling asleep, without the use of Snapchat?

6. It’s not impossible to make plans with someone without a phone, but a problem arises if you don’t have access to a computer or laptop. Not having the ability to text or make quick phone calls would eventually drive us all mad.

7. It would be nearly impossible to be spontaneous if you didn’t have your phone. A lot of people moan at the thought of having to let their mothers know that they’ll be out late or not coming home at all. The queues for public telephones would increase substantially with students ringing home.

8. Playing Candy Crush or any other addictive games wouldn’t exist. It wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world if we had to rely on the oldies, Hangman and X’s & O’s. They at least require some interaction between people.

9. All of those times where you’ve been pissed off at protests blocking the streets and increasing the length of your journey would go unnoticed. Unless you were willing to carry a small Nikon camera around with you, picturing annoying, hilarious or bizarre events would also be impossible.

10. You’ve turned off your phone and you’re about to fall asleep. Imagine not being able to have a sneaky check on your phone to see if anything disastrous happened in the past 30 seconds.

Picture the scene: your laptop is dead, someone else is using the family computer and you don’t have a phone. How long could you go without knowing what’s going on with Facebook friends, knowing the most up-to-date news or simply what’s the funniest thing on Buzzfeed at that time?

It’s okay to admit it, mobile phones are a necessary evil. If you don’t agree, try and spend a day without your phone and let us know how you got on.

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