When you become a college student, people, especially older people, tend to believe that you have changed your behavioural traits to fully become a ‘college student'.

No longer are you Martin or Jane, but you are now Martin or Jane the student…a completely different person! Why? So you will fully blend into the college student stereotype that everyone knows and loves.

So what are these stereotypes you’re meant to fit into so well? Here is a not-so- extensive list of the many characterisations you are supposed to, and may eventually, exhibit.

1)    The Pot Noodle student: You have no other trait except your love for pot noodle for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Many contribute it to a budgetary restraint; others say it’s due to your erratic social life that doesn’t allow time for roast dinners.

2)    The 5 nights a week socialite: You don’t really go to college until after 2 and even then it’s just to hit up the college bar and stay at the beer until 6 the next morning, You arrive home on a Friday wrecked tired with love bites and fail to leave your bed until your arrival to college again on Sunday…and then it all begins.

3)    The college nerds: This particular group is in college every day at 9 and doesn’t tend to leave until late at night. They join all the clubs and societies possible… and do their best to attend every meeting. They chill out during free time in the Students Union…doing programming or some technical know-how.

4)    The alternative college student: They like music no one else has even heard of, they dress similarly and tend to stick to their own kind. They hate nightclubs and prefer quiet house parties and pubs.

5)    The obsessive student: They have no problem forfeiting time to add extracurricular activities to their CVs. They have assignments done within two days of getting them. They’re picked as team leader for everything and are the kind of student we admire and have extreme jealousy towards.

This is a basic list of college stereotypes that you’re bound to come across throughout your college years. They are all unique in their own right and will possibly be forever remembered in college as ‘that kid.’ But in whatever way they’re bound to be remembered, five years later they will most possibly be a completely different person in the adult world of work.