The lead up to Christmas inevitably means more eating, more drinking and more partying. 

Twice the amount may mean twice the fun, but burning the candle at both ends could mean you crash and burn before the festivities are out.  Here are some tips to get you through Christmas in one piece.

Everything in moderation

Christmas is all about the excess: TV, sweets, dinners, drinks, parties, etc.  As fun as these excesses are, it's hard to enjoy them when you feel like someone could place you on your side and roll you away from the dinner table or you spend half the morning revisiting every drink you threw down the night before. 

A little moderation could be your best friend this Christmas, don’t deny yourself anything but you don’t have to finish every selection box, or go to every single party. Do, eat and drink a little less and you might enjoy everything on offer a lot more.


Failing moderation, you may be feeling a little on the delicate side. Dehydration is the biggest cause of your hangover and you need to rehydrate before you have any hope of feeling normal again. 

Force yourself to drink as much water as you can to help your liver recover. If you’re feeling extra organised you could do yourself a massive favour and pre purchase a rehydration treatment sachet like dioralyte in advance of the festive season. Take a sachet with water after a night out, it acts to hydrate the body, replace lost minerals and salts preventing the worst of the hangover.

Get off the couch

As soon as the worst of your hangover has passed, the best thing you can do to recover is do some exercise.  As impossible as it seems, doing some light exercise like a walk will clear away the remaining hangover, dispel any family cabin fever, work off the many selection boxes and energise you enough to prepare for the next round.

Take a break

Final year students especially may find it hard to put looming exams out of their mind over Christmas, but if possible try to take a break from work or study commitments during the Christmas week.

Combining parties and work may leave you completely exhausted when Christmas is over and you’ll find it even harder to get the work you need done.

Everyone needs some time off, to let off steam, and properly relax so redirect your energy into enjoying yourself. Not only will this allow you to enjoy Christmas with family and friends but when it’s all over you can return to work refreshed and ready to go.


The constant late nights over the festive season can really impact your sleeping pattern. Without enough sleep your body won’t sufficiently recover from the Christmas excesses, and you’ll find yourself more zombie than sociable at the various parties. If you can try and get an early night occasionally over the festive season and if sleep-ins are not an option, disco naps are your new best friend!