It’s time to leave your work clothes or your ‘all-day jammies’ behind and have a look at what is already right in front of you, writes Denise Lynch.

If, like me, you are heading back to college in a few weeks and are at a loss what to bring, have a look at my top tips for revamping that summer wardrobe.

For the ladies


Buy them by the hundreds.  See those shorts you bought during that amazing heatwave that ended waay too soon, you can throw on a pair of tights underneath and look just as good! Also they are very handy for that ‘stride of pride’ or ‘walk of shame’ as some call it.. Have a pair of tights in your bag and you are saved the embarrassment of people seeing that blotchy tan job that was destroyed by, um, everyone else being drunk.


If you’re going to go to college everyday, you need a comfortable pair of boots, flat shoes, wedges, whatever, just find a pair of shoes that can allow you to walk to college or even just around campus without getting huuuge blisters.  I love wedges cause you can get away with them for going out too and they are oh so amazing to walk in.

The top layer

Going back to college without a good coat or jacket is just silly.  Why put yourself through the torture of sitting through hours of lectures in wet clothes just because you haven’t yet got yourself a good coat.  The leather jacket is one that I love as it will keep you dry, and it looks good!  The trend of last season was the parka, a beautiful way to cover yourself up from the elements, just make sure you have a hood.

For the lads

Loads of loungewear

Nothing says I just ‘rolled out of bed and I’m dying’ than a comfy tracksuit and hoodie.  You will swear by them!  Also ladies, if you can get hold of said hoodie, keep it! Nothing is nicer than curling up in a ball dying in an oversized hoodie.


If you want the ultimate outfit for going out then purchase yourself a pair of these, every college young fella seems to be wearing them at the moment.  And it doesn’t just stop at your basic colours, oh no, I once saw a bright (luminous) green pair parading around UL, yes I was scarred for life!

Basically, college is a time for experimentation and just doing whatever the hell you want, wear what you want and do what you gotta do! Enjoy!