From relationship advice to some friendship tips, our contributors had some wise words to give to their younger selves.
Hindsight is a wonderful thing, and as we progress through the college years each year we learn something new about ourselves and the years gone by. 
Here at Lifestyle, we asked what advice would you give to your first year self if you had the chance. From friendship tips to food tips, our contributors had some wise words:
"People want to be your friend. Even if you have nothing to say but a few sentences, stay sitting within the group. You will find something to say. Sitting in your room alone is not going to help you on this journey. Do as much as possible, even if you have to arrive at events alone. There will be good people and bad, don’t let the bad get you down or discourage you from making friends."
Not forgetting dating tips...
"Do not shift anyone in your class, it is awkward and you will never live it down. I would also tell myself to not pick up that first cup of Starbucks, it will have drastic repercussions on your waistline and your bank balance. A coffee addiction is not good, a Starbucks addiction is even worse."
For some of our contributors, it was a mixture of highs and lows as the advice flowed...
"Put down the chicken fillet roll and start writing everything that’s in your head. Go to the gym and the library. Don’t be afraid of anyone. It’s okay that your course wasn't for you, but I’m so proud that you hung in there. Failing is okay, you’ll learn so much from it. Remember, sometimes things have to get worse before they better.  
"I’m so proud that you took the plunge and ventured into the radio station. You will never regret it. Love yourself, look in the mirror and smile, get out and get active. You won’t realise how much of a worrier you are or that you have anxiety for a while, but there’s a wonderful realisation that comes with it. Don’t give up and keep fighting, you are a warrior. 
For one of our contributors, it was all about reassurance...
"First off, stop over thinking and don't sweat the small stuff. You have picked a course that you will love and that suits you down to the ground (and the couple of days off make it all the sweeter) so don't fret about choices. You made a good call. I seem to remember you being quite healthy at that stage, eating right and exercising a bit. Please keep that up. This time in 18 months you'll find yourself sitting on the couch eating your third packet of crisps and feeling like dirt because of it. Weight isn't an issue for you, but health is an issue for everyone.
"The girls in college end up being amazing and the loveliest so don't worry about making new friends and don't worry about growing apart from the old ones either. You left school with the mentality that you'd never find friends like the ones you have now - and you won't. But you will find ones just as good. You come to find out that growing up and changing is okay and it's part of the journey - be true to yourself and the right people are going to stick around.
"You've had problems with depression and being anxious in the past and you'll be happy to hear that these don't rear their ugly heads once college comes. Turns out that great friends, family, boyfriend and a course that you love mean more than any frivolous stuff you might be yearning after now.
"My advice would be get involved with stuff. College will be gone before you know it and you'll regret not getting the 'college experience' so go for it and put yourself out there. It always makes you happy to get out of your comfort zone. Have a good one! But then I already know that you will."
Can’t forget dating...
"Dump that asshole who's making you feel bad about yourself. Stop caring about other people's grades - you're every bit as good as them. Do your reading no matter how hard it is and don't be afraid to ask for help."
And of course the alcohol...
"Stop worrying so much about failing. College life is about so much more than classes- make an effort to get to know more of your classmates, join the University Observer and actually go to your HipHop classes! Also, there will be a certain toga party in week 1 where you will be tempted to wear your bed sheet and bring an entire shoulder of vodka. Whatever you do, don't."
Photo: Jlhopgood/ Flickr