There's no escaping these people.

Whether it’s the daily commute or your weekly trip to halls, there is no doubt that most of us who have made the trip to college on public transport will be familiar with these characters.

The Sleeper

The bus has been moving for five minutes and they’re out for the count.  You’ll recognise The Sleeper from their exposed gob, limp neck and pinecone-in-the-back-of-the-throat snoring. The Sleeper may also trap an unsuspecting passenger by indiscreetly using their shoulder as a pillow.

The Talker

The Talker as the name suggests just won’t give in to the silence that many commuters crave.  Any topic is up for discussion, from the highlights of the day/lifetime to a detailed and loud report on how benefits-hungry foreigners come into our country to take our jobs and steal our women.  The Talker is never alone, as they wear the ear of their friend who is beside them, on the phone or even prey on some unfortunate commuter.

The Foodie

Be it their Supermacs on an Intercity train or spilling their smoothie all over the floor of a bus (particularly Dublin Bus), The Foodie is often found on the evening commute home from work or college, driving most of us hungry passengers mad as the wait for dinner etches further and further away.

The Netflicker

Most likely to be found on an Intercity train, there’s always someone who has a laptop or tablet who’ll give you the “Don’t sit beside me” face when you pass, even if seats are hard to come by.  The Netflicker is most likely giving you daggers because they don’t want you silently watching Breaking Bad with them out of the corner of your eye.

The Shopper

The Shopper leaves the car at home because of their profound fear of Dublin driver. And since they are not a regular user of public transport, they haven’t yet to realise that there are never enough free seats to accommodate their 10+ bags from Argos. The Shopper’s bags aren’t likely to fit in the compartments above you on a train easily, so they’ll be shoved in your face and spread across the table.  There goes any scenic view on your trip.

The Paper Shredder

Just want a bit of space to relax on your trip? Or desperate to stay away from the headline of that disastrous result in the match last night? Tearing open their broadsheet, The Paper Shredder will give you the news whether you want it or not, all the while forgetting the meaning of “personal space”.

The Wannabe DJ

You will most likely hear The Wannabe DJ before you see them.  They usually play music through their phone’s loudspeaker, because they haven’t heard of headphones yet (because they can’t hear at all on account of listening to Avicii at full volume for the last year). They’ll make sure you hear their music – regardless of the fact that their taste falls into a diarrheic scale of sh*t.

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