Make the most of your final month of freedom.

June is long gone and the end of July is in sight. That means only one month of freedom left, right? One month left to make summer 2013 the best one yet. Now is your opportunity!


This might seem the most obvious, but August is a great month for festivals, and if you haven’t had the opportunity to attend one yet, now is your chance. Castlepooza takes place at Charleville Castle in Tullamore from August 2—4. Oxegen 2013 also takes place on the August bank holiday weekend at Punchestown Racecourse, Co Kildare. Electric Picnic is celebrating it's 10th anniversary in Stradbally from the August 30 to September 1.


Low on funds? That means festivals are out of the question. Camping is one of the oldest summer traditions – and it’s great craic too! All you need is a tent and a few friends. It’s cheap, it’s fun and you’ll always end up with some funny stories from the night.


Going to college and can’t cook? Even worse already in college and can just about manage to turn on the oven? Well now is your opportunity to become a culinary genius. Being able to cook for yourself is invaluable and everyone should know how to do it. You don’t want to spend the rest of your life living on beans and toast, now do you? Make use of your free time and learn a few things. Who knows – you could be the next Jamie Oliver!


Instead of wasting your time sitting at home watching reruns why not take the opportunity to do something for yourself and get fit. Try running or walking -- or be more adventurous and take up surfing or kayaking. Find something you enjoy, it will make all the difference.


Is physical activity just not your thing? Reading stimulates your mind and is great for relieving stress! There’s a book out there for everyone so why not give it a go? Reread your entire Harry Potter collection or pick up a copy of FIfty Shades of Grey. I mean, can you even remember the last book you read?

Writing is also extremely beneficial for your wellbeing. Whether you write short stories, start your own blog or simply begin a journal, expressing yourself through writing can boost your confidence and help keep you focused when it comes to those assignments that seem to be never ending.