Here are some tips to take the pain out of the long journeys to and from college

Many students across the country have to commute a long distance daily to college, on journeys that could take up to two hours.

A lot of those students are getting fed up of taking those long, boring journeys which seem to last a lifetime.

So whether you travel by train, bus or Luas, here are a few tips to make your journey to and from college just that little bit more enjoyable.

1. Travel with friends

There is nothing better than being on a bus, or other forms of public transport, with one of your friends to keep you company – if you’re a people person that is. Conversations certainly make a journey fly by, and what better way to catch up on all the gossip! Just be sure not to say anything bad about anybody, because you never know who could be listening.

2. Bring your iPod

Sitting on a crowded noisy bus at eight in the morning, or after a long day in college is a bit too much, right? This is where your music comes in handy. Throwing your headphones on and turning on your favourite playlist is bound to make you drift away into your own little world for a while, and before you know it you will be close to your destination. But make sure you have it charged. You don't want it to go dead mid-song, and you are only 20 minutes into your hour long journey.

3. Make your phone your best friend

Whether its spending the journey on Facebook as you update your status to tell the world how much you hate public transport, reading all the latest stories on (nice one! – Ed), or just sending your friends a simple text, your phone can actually be a good source of company on your journey to and from college, or wherever you may be headed. However as previously mentioned about the iPod, make sure your phone is charged, nothing is more frustrating than having no technology at all to keep you from losing your mind.

4. Be on time

Nothing makes a bus journey more frustrating than when you miss your usual bus and the later bus seems to be going twice as slow. Time a bus (or whichever means of transport you take) that is guaranteed to get you in to college on time, or even a little early. Nobody likes having to walk into class late, while the whole class stop what they're doing to look at you.

5. If all else fails... sleep

This is a dangerous choice, especially if you are a snorer. The last thing you want is to wake up from a little nap with everyone looking in your direction and giggling to themselves. Nevertheless, nothing beats a little nap, especially when you can't keep your eyes open any longer.  Just be sure not to miss your stop!

So there you have it – a few silly, yet useful tips to help you survive a torturing journey on Ireland’s magnificent public transport.