By Jennifer McShane, GCD Intern

For anyone who wants something different from the average film festival, the Offline Offaly Film Festival is the one for you.

Starting on the 18th and running until the 21st of November, this one is not to be missed for anyone who has an interest in film and the filmmaking process.

Composed with a series of film showings and workshops run by professionals, this festival gives any wannabe filmmakers a chance to experience various aspects of the filmmaking process and the winning film made over the weekend not only takes home 1,000 euro prize money but also gets a guaranteed slot in the 2011 Galway Film Fleadh.

The Festival will screen a series of Irish and International films including:

?Pyjama Girls? (2010) - Following the lives of teenage girls who wear, you guessed it, pyjamas, all day, every day, the film examines the intense micro-dramas and emotional complexities of their lives in the close-knit community of Dublin?s inner city flats.

?4 Months, 3 days and 2 Weeks? (2007) - A thoughtful, insightful piece set in pre-liberated Romania, this film takes place over the course of one day and night as one friend helps another through a personal ordeal. The film deservedly won the Palme d?Or at Cannes in 2007 and went on to win a host of other international awards.

?Breathless? (1960) - A ground-breaking film from its release, Breathless assured Jean Luc Godard and the New Wave of French Filmmakers their place in film history. While the film initially appears to be paying homage to the American Films Noirs, Godard quickly calls into question that style of filmmaking - by parodying the characteristics of the tough Chandler-esque male. A Classic.

?Some Like It Hot? (1959) ? Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon play two down and out musicians in depression era America. They inadvertently witness a mass mob murder and are forced to go on the run in disguise as part of an all-girl show band. The two fugitives are distracted by the sassy innocence of Sugar - beautifully played by the wonderful Marilyn Monroe. A timeless film that is still a classic today.

There are also workshops on: Scriptwriting, editing, directing for screen and a segment on Digital SLR so there is something for everyone here.

For full information on all the screenings, times and booking information visit: