Be informed this weekend - or at least bluff it. Here are five things you should know this weekend.

Here are five things you should know this weekend.

Topless fight

Two women were arrested following a topless brawl in Doon, Co Limerick. Parents were bringing their children to schools when the fight broke out. “It was surreal, unbelievable,” one eye-witness said. “They just went at each other. Biting, scratching, pulling hair, kicking, everything, you name it.” The person continued: “They were beating the heads off each other. The next thing the tops were pulled off each other and then a bra went flying through the air. You would think this would have stopped them, but not a bit of it. They kept at it.” And you thought your Mam was embarrassing.


It’s Bloomsday this Sunday. Never read Ulysses? Nae bother. If you somehow find yourself discussing James Joyce’s masterpiece, just say “neologisms” and “syntax” every once in a while and you’re grand.

Father’s day

It is also Father’s Day on Sunday. If you’re stuck for gift ideas, why not get him this?


There used to be a little spot in hell reserved for people that used hashtags on Facebook, but now the social networking giant is supporting the function. This will be the first weekend hashtags have been available on the site so expect the big trends to be #hungover, #beer and #toodrunktofunctionyetsomehowstillusingFacebook.

999 call

An unnamed man made an emergency call to police in Britain to complain about the prostitute he had hired. The man wanted to report the woman for breaching the Sale of Goods Act because she had allegedly made out she was better looking than she actually was. You can listen to the 999 call here.