Aisling Bonner takes a look at the Shave or Dye campaign set up by Today FM, and tells us how to get involved in this worthy cause.
The Shave or Dye season is upon us again, when woolly hats are whipped from the shelves to comfort naked heads, or hide dodgy dyes. 
The nationwide 2015 campaign began on the 19th of January, and in its sixth year, aims to get even bigger. Shave or Dye or OhMy, as it has been renamed, is a Today FM initiative which encourages people to get sponsored to shave their head or dye their hair in aid of the Irish Cancer Society. To date the campaign has raised over €7.5 million for cancer patients across Ireland.
Most of us know of someone who has braved the shave, but are too afraid to do it ourselves. We prefer to marvel from afar and donate what we can. For some reason, giving a few bob just doesn't feel as good as actually taking on the challenge itself. Have no fear, this year you can do both without the fear of the aftermath.
In the spirit of the Ice Bucket Challenge and the No Make Up Selfie which consumed our news feeds last year, Shave or Dye has added a third element, #OhMy. This year the campaign aims to go viral by encouraging people to post a #OhMy selfie of their ultimate bad hair day.
Dig out photos of your old dos, or create your own hair nightmare and brave it for a day. You know the score, post the #OhMy selfie on Facebook, nominate your friends, and most importantly, text shave to 50300 to donate €2 to the cause. 
Finally, you can take part in the fun today and help raise some money, whilst having your luscious locks as good as new tomorrow. Plus who doesn't love a sneaky selfie? It’s a win-win situation.
For the traditionalists out there, the shaving and the dying is aiming to be bigger than ever this year. Many universities are holding their own Shave or Dye events, so check out your Students' Unions for more information.
To get involved yourself, click here to register for your own sponsorship pack so you can start spreading the word and psyching yourself up. Enjoy!