In the second data breach in recent years, private University of Limerick student information was leaked online last week.
Personal information of seven students who had applied for the Student Assistance Fund was made public on the university’s website.
The leak included bank details of the students and information relating their parents’ earnings.
A spokesperson for the University of Limerick said the university is currently resolving the “technical fault” which led to the data becoming visible to others over the weekend.
The spokesperson said: “Only individuals with a UL log on and password would have been in a position to access the area where the data in question inadvertently appeared.”
University authorities have tracked all access to the website during the course of the breach. The effected students will also be briefed on the situation.
The university also plans to work with the students to ensure that there are no “adverse consequences” as a result of the breach. 
The university spokesperson added: “The university will be contacting every student who used the workflow system to reassure them of the security of their data.
“This is the first fault on the application system and no other students have been affected.”
The incident is being investigated by the Data Protection Commissioner’s office, which was unable to comment on the data breach itself.
A spokesperson for the office said the matter was, "the subject of on-going investigation,” and for that reason the office, “cannot comment further at this time.”
The University of Limerick told that it is “engaging closely” with the office of the Data Protection Commissioner in relation to the matter.
This incident mirrored a similar one in January 2012 when the personal student transcript of one student was made available to potentially the entire student body.
The transcript was released in place of the exam results of students at the university and detailed the entire result history of the student concerned, as well as their address and other personal information.
The transcript was removed by the university soon after the breach and students were issued with their exam results.
A spokesperson for the university said they were not a position to comment on the 2012 incident.
When contacted, a spokesperson for the office of the Data Protection Commissioner told that the office was not aware of the 2012 incident.

Photo: Rachel Johnson/ Flickr