After terrifying the poor souls of Cork for the last seven years, “The Nightmare Realm”, Ireland’s ultimate scare-house experience, decided to extend its reign of terror to the capital this year. So did it live up to the hype? We went to find out.
Firstly, a disclaimer: I don’t think I scare easily. Even after reading the various reviews online, with people claiming the experience a “must-see” that will make you “scream” and “weep”, I was still unconvinced – could The Nightmare Realm really be that scary? 
Theanswer? Yes, yes it could. 
Walking up to the The Nightmare Realm, the sounds of reveller’s screams echoed around the RDS grounds – a lovely sign of what was to come! 
The Nightmare Realm prides itself on using some of Ireland’s most talented designers, scenic artists, craftsmen, sound & lighting crews and make-up artists to create truly gruesome and heart-pounding effects – and it definitely shows.
The actors, who never fall out of character, wore costumes that are both gory, yet eerily lifelike and I found myself admiring the fine costume details while walking through the scare experience.
One thing I didn’t expect was just how immersive the experience actually was. We did not just merely walk through the attraction, we interacted with the characters and were even pulled into a small toy room where we hesitantly played with an Ouija board and summoned some unwanted spirits. (The less said about that, the better! I think I’m still a bit shaken!) 
Our nerves were then pushed to the limits as we wandered aimlessly through a pitch black maze with other unsuspecting revellers, getting lost at every turn, and with terrifying creatures jumping out at every corner.
Overall, The Nightmare Realm is an excellent, scare-tastic attraction. Each actor plays a specific part to the unique experience, getting up in your face, playing on your nerves and greatly enhancing the overall tension of the event. 
Don’t take my word for it though, experience The Nightmare Realm for yourself and get your tickets right here. Just don’t say I didn’t warn you! 
Plus, with students can get a 10% discount when they purchase their ticket for Monday or Tuesday night during the month of October. For more information, just click here.
Tickets to The Nightmare Realm will be available to book online at and start from €15 for adults and €13 for students (strictly 13+ years).