A young activist group in Dublin has made international news this week after they began campaigning for a Yes vote in today’s same-sex marriage referendum.
The group, calling themselves the Phnxcolllective, were campaigning in Dublin this week, wearing large cardboard letters spelling out “Yes” on their backs and handing out stickers and information from the Yes Equality group to the public.
The Phnxcollective is made up of a number of former National College of Art and Design students and young people who say they wanted to put their art and design skills to use.
Speaking to Campus.ie one the activists, Sarah Maloney explained: “We’re sort of an art collective and we knew this debate was coming up, it was very important to us so we decided that we would have our own campaign.
“We decided to make these giant pink ‘Yes’ letters and make straps so we could strap them on our back and walk around Dublin and just engage with people - make people smile.”
The group has also produced a video which has almost 1,000 views on YouTube since it was posted last Saturday.
Ms Maloney said of the video: “We went around on Saturday and made a little video. Sort of a tonic to all the negativity that’s going around.”
She also said the group was: “giving people information on what to do, how to vote, what happens if you don’t get a polling card, these kind of things.”
The leading campaign advocating a Yes vote in today’s referendum on marriage equality, Yes Equality has provided the Phnxcollective with the material it needs to campaign, including stickers and leaflets.
Ms Maloney explained: “They saw us on Saturday and they invited us up to the headquarters and gave us the stickers to give out to people.”
Another member of the group, Peter Murphy added: “We stop and talk to people if they want to talk to us.”
The group also operates through social media outlets and can be found on Instagram at ‘phnxrollers’, through Twitter (@phnxrollers) and by using the hashtag #pinkletters.
Voting in the Marriage Equality Referendum takes place today alongside the referendum on the age of eligibility for presidential candidates. 
Polls opened at 7am and will close at 10pm, however voters are being encouraged to give themselves ample time to attend their local polling station.
The Phnxcollective’s video can be viewed here.