Over 8,000 houses are expected to be built.

The housing crisis is something that is haunting the Irish people at the moment. Every day there is a new headline that causes us woe and shows how bad things really are. This morning's however, was somewhat more positive than usual. 

According to the Irish Times, the South Dublin County Council are expected to publish plans for a town of over 8,000 homes. The town is hoped to cater for a population the size of the Wexford town, and will be built at Clonburris, in Adamstown, Lucan.

The zone at Clonburris had been set aside as a stragetic development zone, meaning building 24,000 homes - and quickly.

It's believed the house, when built, will cost less than €300,000 will come into contact with Adamstown, the state's first town built as a stragetic developmet zone. The land was set aside in Clonburris almost 10 years ago for housing plans. 

The plans will be published next month, and construction is thought to start 2 months after that. 

The new town will be larger than Adamstown, but is hoping to be less dense, with a vast majority of the land going toward a park. 

One major concern about the new development will be traffic congestion, as West Dublin already suffers with traffic congestion, due to increasing numbers of people being forced to move away from the city.

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