Tír gan teanga...

The issue of the Irish language is a conentious one in Ireland. People on both sides of the debate - although why there is even a debate is beyond me- are very passionate in their views. People fight to keep the language alive, and people fight to get rid of the language in our soceity.

Today, there was another step in the reduction of the Irish language in our society.

According to RTÉ, Bank of Ireland are removing the Irish language option in all their ATMs. The bank is blaming the change on the lack of demand for the language option.

Since 2010, the bank has been replacing their ATMs with new LATMs, which also allow you to place lodgements as well as withdrawls. These new LATMs will now only operate as Béarla. 

The bank is keen to recognise that not all ATMs will be without the Irish language option. The option will remain on all retail ATMs (machines that are co-located within shops) and on some ATMs located within a branch.

People are expressing their disappointment over the news, and I have to say, I'm with them. It's disappointing to see any connection with the Irish language to get smaller and smaller.

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