Too sunburnt to follow the news? Bluff it.

Here are five things you should pretend to know this roasting Thursday.

Meanwhile in Dáil Éireann

Fine Gael TD Áine Collins has said that she has not taken offence for being pulled onto the lap of her colleague Tom Barry at 3am this morning. Fine Gael described the incident – which was captured on the Dáil camera – as “silly”. In a now viral video, Tom can be seen pulling Áine onto his lap during a break in the abortion debate. An FG spokesman said: “It was a piece of horseplay between two people who happen to be friends. I’ve spoken to [Áine Collins] and she is not in the least bit offended. She saw it for what was, in the moment, just a piece of silliness.” Watch the video here.

Good Christians

Speaking in the Seanad yesterday, Fianna Fáil senator Terry Leydon described Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini as “good Christians”. Terry said the two dictators were “both good Christians, allegedly…You can check that too…one was a clerical steward”. The senator quickly realised that he was making a gobshite of himself and apologised to the chair admitting that he was getting distracted.

The nip

What with the good weather and all, people are stripping off left, right and centre. Protesters opposed to water fluoridation are going for the Full Monty. They will gather at Stephen’s Green Shopping Centre at 1pm today for a nude protest. The protest is organised by The Girl Against Fluoride and will “symbolise how we in Ireland have been stripped of our rights to clean, safe water” according to the organisation’s Facebook page.

Democratic process

The mayor of Dorset town in Minnesota, USA is looking to be re-elected – and he’s only four-years-old. Robert “Bobby” Tufts is campaigning to renew his term as the mayor of Dorset. The small town has a population of 22 people, and every year at the Taste of Dorset food festival, a name is drawn out of a hat and the winner get to be the mayor. Town sheriff Cory Aukes is a supporter of Mayor Tufts, calling him “a cute little bugger”.

Hotter than Lanzo

Ireland was hotter that many Mediterranean spots yesterday. While holidaymakers in Lanzarote had to make do with temperatures of 27 degrees Celsius, we experienced temperatures as high as 29.5 degrees Celsius. Champions!