Don’t want to follow the news? Bluff it.

Here are five things to pretend to know this Thursday.

Jimi Hendrix?

The Irish soccer team has been dealt a blow after Jeff Hendrick dropped out of the squad for the upcoming World Cup qualifiers against Sweden and Austria.  The announcement has left one question on the tip of every Irish fans’ tongues, Jeff who?

Twerking officially a word

“Twerking” is now recognised as a word by the Oxford Dictionary.  It now appears on the online version of the dictionary.  The dance craze which originated in New Orleans in the early 90s, recently made famous by celebrities such as Miley Cyrus and Harry Styles.  On a related note, the fall-out from Miley’s recent ehhhm dance routine at the MTV VMAs continues with the news that one of the councils of parents that condemned the performance has as one of its directors, Billy Ray Cyrus.  That must make for some fun dinner time conversation.

More power to Paddy

One of the only industries that are booming in Ireland is gambling, with Paddy Power announcing pre-tax profits of €77 million for the first 6 months of the year.  This is a 22% increase on the same period last year.  You know what they say, give a man a fish and he will eat for a day, teach a man to fish and he will sell the fish to pay for his gambling.  I know it goes something like that anyway.

Only in America

A man in America has been arrested after holding up a bank for $1, he did this in order to get medical assistance in prison which he could not afford otherwise.  I’m sorry to come over all serious but if there are people in power in America who look at this case and think that its ok that normal people are reduced to methods such as this, just to get healthcare and prisoners who many may deem unworthy of healthcare get their treatment for free, doesn’t deserve the position they hold.  This is the home of the brave right?  Maybe it’s about time they started showing it.

Costa del Dun Laoghaire  

There are plans to build a floating swimming pool and "urban beach" in Dún Laoghaire harbour in Dublin.  It is based on a German design and planning continues and the developers hope that it will be ready to use by the summer of 2015.  Nothing says a fun day out like the words German and planning in the same sentence right?  It is expected that the cost of the new facility will be no more than the cost of a cinema tickets, but judging by current trends, by 2015, could be one million euro.