Don’t want to follow the news? Bluff it.

Here are five things you should now this cloudy Monday.

Croatia celebrates

Thousands of Croatians celebrate the country’s entry into the European Union. Croatia has become the 28th EU member today, the bloc’s first edition since Bulgaria and Romania joined in 2007. The celebrations are probably pretty grim: Croatia’s economy has been in recession for five consecutive years and the EU in still in financial turmoil.


President Michael D Higgins has (finally) spoken out against the Anglo tapes. (Stating the obvious,) Michael D said the tapes only highlight greedy attitudes at the root of Ireland’s failed economic model of the past – and do not reflect the attitudes of the people of Ireland. “Let us be certain of one thing: these are not the voices of the people of Ireland. The attitudes they reveal are not shared by the people of Ireland.  The behaviours they reflect are not characteristic of the people of Ireland.”

Fine Gael HQ

Fine Gael is going to splash out a renovation of its party headquarters. It is expected the new FG layer will cost more than half a million euro, and the party insists that it will not be availing of the tax break to help restore historic houses in urban areas. Refurbishments will include a refit of all internal services and other alterations – we can’t wait to see Enda’s new crib/cave/dungeon.

The cure

Food delivery service the Dublin Hangover Service is set to be launched next week. The creator of the initiative, James Bull, says the iPhone app – similar to the Hailo taxi app – is in the works and is expected to be available from next week. Customers will be able to choose from a set menu of options, with drivers carrying a selection of non-perishable items. Breakfast rolls and McDonald’s are expected to be the most popular requests. The delivery service will run from 9am to 3pm so you should be set for another afternoon of drinking. You can avail of the service here.


And finally, Pixar Animation Studios plans to significantly scale back its production of sequels. Pixar president Ed Catmull said that “For artistic reasons…it’s really important that we do an original film a year.” Pixar originals have the habit of becoming legendary – which is exactly the reason why the studio opted for sequels instead of trying to come up with new ones.